Math Muscles: Summer Math Workbook for 6th Grade

Building mathematical confidence and staying strong throughout the summer vacation!

This summer math workbook is intended for students going into 6th grade, but may also be helpful for students going into 5th grade or even 7th grade. 

The workbook is designed with three practice pages each week for ten weeks and the topics focus on all four operations, fractions, decimals, algebraic thinking and geometry. Answer keys are provided; you may decide whether you wish your student(s) to have access to this as they work or whether you want to go over their answers with them after they have completed each page.

Activities and games are also included that would be great for children or a child and parent to do together. 

Teachers often lament that students forget so much over the summer. I have seen how much it can help to have students keep their skills up over the summer, and hope that you too will find that your student(s) are confident and happy when they return to their study of mathematics in the fall!

Sincerely, Valerie Henry, Ed.D.

K-12 Math Educator for over 30 years

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Valerie Henry
Valerie Henry
Mathematics Educator and FactsWise Creator

About the author

After Valerie completed her dissertation research at UC Irvine in 2004, she began a pilot project to investigate strategies for teaching basic facts that would go beyond flashcards, worksheets, and timed tests. By 2006, these strategies had been piloted, revised, and research demonstrated dramatic differences between control and FactsWise students.

Valerie balances her time as a lecturer in mathematics education at UC Irvine with her commitment to share what she has learned about how to help students develop basic facts fluency, part-whole thinking, and flexible number sense through FactsWise workshops.